Policy planning and management department

Main objectives

Within the 1st objective of Government agency for policy coordination on state property, Policy planning and management department is responsible to draft legislation, policies, guidelines and documents on state owned property; improve the governance of state-owned property, to be obliged to provide management and coordination; to develop and approve legislation, directions, resolutions on state and rural area property and organize implementation. To improve corporate governance of state-owned properties, improve efficiency through restructuring and privatization in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; efficiently employ state owned enterprises; to attract additional investment; to organize and report the implementation of the duties of state shareholders and the state budget through the determination of profits and income distribution, payroll norms with the relevant organizations; to provide professional and methodological advice and support Citizens Representatives Hurals and Governors of rural area.

Main Goals

  • To provide the Board of Directors of state-owned enterprises with leadership, to implement state governance and corporate governance;
  • To establish a state-owned legal entity, to reorganize, draft policies and decisions on raising benefits;
  • To appointment, release, incentive and accountability of state property representatives

draft law, business plan, organizational structure, compensation code, normative and contractual agreement with the executive director, monitor the implementation;

  • To review implementations of targets and submit to the meeting, organize implementation of Government policies and decisions on joint venture;
  • To develop draft Government agreement and founder's agreement on state property, draft revenues of state owned shares on dividend income shall be approved and implemented, to develop and regulate tariff regulation of products of unprofitable state-owned legal entities with relevant organizations;
  • To conduct research, evaluate and take necessary action on technology, finance, economy, human resources and trends of legal entities; do initial public offering; renew the capital market infrastructure, to establish international standards, legal grounds for the implementation of state owned companies;
  • To Reorganize state owned legal entities; to develop a draft agreement and approve it by the authorized organization, Monitor rural area property and consult with the meeting;

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